Hakeren Fund was founded to meet the needs of Foreign Employees in Israel and assist their employers in meeting the liabilities of labor laws.

Hakeren Fund has devised a hallmark automated system to ensure that all foreign workers receive pensions and severance pay per law, whilst encouraging the employers to fulfill their moral and legal obligations. The Hakeren fund’s professional Investment Committee’s risk-based approach to portfolio construction ensures a breadth of precisely developed investment solutions aimed to produce revenue stream with solid gains to the fund and profit


Our goal at Hakeren is to save you time and money and make your life simpler and hassle -free for you. We provide you a one-stop financial platform which combines your long-term pension and savings with your everyday monetary needs. And by involving ourselves in the community we understand the changing requirements and are constantly investing to improve our products for you.

You can enjoy much more recreation and family time knowing that Hakeren has saved you so many hours of tedious financial responsibilities.


The Hakeren fund for foreign worker’s rights was established by the law of foreign workers and by the recommendation of the Israeli Ministry of industry to help the State of Israel preserve the rights of foreign workers employed in Israel while using uncompromising professionalism and service in accordance with international standards. The foreign workers employed in Israel have the right to social benefits in accordance with the law.

Asylum seekers are “employees” as defined in law of foreign workers and are entitled, like other foreign workers, to receive pension rights and severance pay.