The foreign worker employed in Israel has the right to social benefits in accordance with the law, the employee is entitled to a pension for secretion and severance.

Asylum seekers are “employees” as defined in law of foreign worker and entitled, like other foreign workers, among others, to pay for pensions and severance pay, depends on the law in Israel.

After one year of work you should be paid severance pay if you are fired or your work ends due to deterioration of work conditions, medical reasons, giving birth, or if you do not receive your salary and/or social rights.

You are entitled to receive your Annual Vacation and Holiday rights even if you have not worked for a full year (you will be entitled to a proportional number of days). For Severance Pay and Recuperation Pay, you are entitled to receive your rights also for part of a year’s work, as long as you have worked for over one year.

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  • Only Hakeren applies on your behalf to your employer for your pension and severance pay
  • Only Hakeren makes you a partner in the fund’s profits
  • Only Hakeren has an Investment Committee specifically for the Foreign Workers’ Fund
  • Only Hakeren gives you prepaid credit card and other financial services alongside your pension
  • Only Hakeren offers its members access to its loan fund for bridge loans prior to release of pension.


  • I am employed by a private employer. Do I still deserve pension rights?

    Yes. The law grants you rights to pension and severance, regardless of whether you are employed by a company of individual.

  • I finished working and I have moved to a new employer. What happens to the funds which have been set aside ?

    Approach the new employer, who must carry on setting aside for you into the same pool of funds. They will accrue to the previous funds which you receive when exiting Israel

  • How do I receive my money in the end?

    Prior to leaving Israel, issue a request to Hakeren, and we will release your funds to your bank or KerenCard.

  • How much am I entitled to?

    Your employer is obligated to set aside for you 12.25% above your salary for severance and pension.

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