Caring for your pension

Hakeren Fund is more than your average pension fund. At Hakeren, we accommodate to the unique pension and savings needs of our investors, and create an investment portfolio modified by low risk medium to long term investment products with ample growth potential and capital protection.

With unstinting focus on investment objectives and capital preservation, Hakeren Pension Fund provides high-touch investment expertise that centers on diversified solutions and a industry-led approach to investment management. Our investment process is as disciplined as it is creative – ensuring tailored solutions with robust results.

Our investment committee consists of professional investment experts who have accumulated decades of experience in financial markets.

Our Pricing:

Open file fee – 350 Nis

Management fee – 59 Nis p/m or 6% of deposit (The higher)

Trust – 0.17% p/m

Deposit Release – 80 Nis


Your job involves caring. Our job is to care for your money.

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