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Working Visa Status

We will refer you to the best lawyer for you in the field of immigration law to give you the best service until you get a visa in Israel. Humanitarian Visa (Special Visa), Refugee Visa (Asylum Seekers), Experts Visa, B1/B2 Visa, A5 visa, A2 Visa. Arrest before deportation (Givon Prison).

Calculate your Rights

Hakeren Helps you determine how much compensation you deserve for a variety of labor law rights (i.e. pension, recuperation, vacation days, etc.). Hakeren calculation is the only calculation in Israel that determines whether you were paid a lower salary than you deserve and not just calculating your social rights.

Medical Insurance

Same day health insurance!

Work Related Injury

Any physical injury caused during your work or even on the way to work or the way back from work may entitled you to compensation. This may also include sickness, for example if you have skin cancer due to long exposure to the sun during your line of work. We will refer your case to a trusted and well known law firm

Collection of Labor Rights

We will refer you to the best lawyer for you in the field of Labor law to give you the best service until you collect all your rights from your employer. Caregivers, Cleaners, Agriculture, Building, Restaurants etc. we will assist you to collect your rights at the fastest time even if you already have a ticket back home.

Solutions For all Legal Problems

Hakeren has been cooperating for many years with the best law firms in Israel to provide you with the best legal solutions that are right for you. We will accompany you through your legal process to ensure that you receive best service and to bridge the language gaps between you and the lawyer. Lawyers for Immigration issues, Labor law, Disputes following loans, Work Related Injury, Accidents, sign on Affidavits, etc. Any problem with the authorities we can provide an urgent comprehensive legal service.

International Life Saver Course

Basic First Aid And CPR Course. A Special Course For Caregivers In Israel. Learn the Proper Method of How to: Perform the Heimlich Maneuver, CPR, Treat a High Fever, Seizures, And How to Stop the bleed. Save Your Life And Your Employer’s Life By Communicating Correctly With Israeli Rescue & Medical Personnel And Hospitals.

Free Advice

If you have a general question, feel free to contact us in any issue you’d like and we will help you shortly. For more information contact us on 0722243333 or on WhatsApp 0505750054


The Hakeren pension fund is the perfect solution for your business. Set aside a monthly pension plan for your foreign employees and enjoy tax benefits, motivated workers and avoid fines, legal procedures and fiscal backup. The Hakeren pension safeguards the interests of employers and secures the rights of foreign workers until they leave Israel.

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