We are here to make the life of foreign workers in Israel simple.

We provide all the services you need to get a clear headspace for a comfortable and easy life.

About Hakeren

Hakeren was founded to meet the needs of Foreign Employees in Israel and assist their employers in meeting the liabilities of labor laws. Hakeren Fund has devised a hallmark automated system to ensure that all foreign workers receive pensions and severance pay per law, whilst encouraging the employers to fulfill their moral and legal obligations.

Humanitarian Visa (Special Visa), Refugee Visa (Asylum Seekers), Experts Visa, B1/B2 Visa, A5 visa, A2 Visa. Arrest before deportation (Givon Prison).

Lawyers for Immigration issues, Labor law, Disputes following loans, Work Related Injury, Accidents, sign on Affidavits, etc. Any problem with the authorities we can provide an urgent comprehensive legal service.

Any physical injury caused during your work or even on the way to work or the way back from work may entitled you to compensation.

Caregivers, Cleaners, Agriculture, Building, Restaurants etc. we will assist you to collect your rights at the fastest time even if you already have a ticket back home.

An health insurance from the biggest medical company in Israel – “Clalit”.

Hakeren Helps determine how much compensation you deserve for a variety of labor law rights (i.e. pension, recuperation, vacation days, etc.). 

First in Israel – free salary calculator for caregivers in Israel (METAPELET).
Uptodate Calculator For 2021
Fully Custom Calculator
Anything You Need

In a few simple questions you can know what is the salary range you deserve

Don't Wait To The Last Minute

Know where is your money before your flight with our online service.

You may arrive at the airport before you leave Israel forever and find out that the deposit money has not been deposited for you in violation of the law.
Do not wait for surprises, make sure now that your pension money has been deposited for you.
You will get an answer within an hour or you can use our digital service or contact us, and you will get an answer to your cell phone within 24 hours. 

Make Your Life Simple


We also provide free advice in general issues. If you have a any question, feel free to contact us in 0722243333 or on WhatsApp 0505750054.

Hakeren Help's You For Free To Find A Job!

Join 3,000 members in our free job group on Telegram.

How To Get A Special Visa?

Every month we give special tips to help you increase your chances of getting a work visa in Israel.

What Are Your Social Rights?

Foreign workers deserve many rights, which are worth a lot of money. Every month we give new tips that help you better understand the rights you deserve.

Medical Insurance

You do not have to be a citizen of Israel to receive Israeli health insurance. We arrange medical insurance for everyone

Study at Your Own Pace

Important Tips From Hakeren

Almost every week we publish news and tips on social networks that help foreign workers conduct themselves in Israel, understand the new laws in Israel, and help them conduct themselves efficiently and easily during their stay.

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The leading organization in Israel that helps foreign workers from all over the world work legally, and get social rights, and high salary.

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