Health Protection for Employed or Unemployed with Visa or Without Visa Foreign- Workers in Israel: Your Right to Comprehensive Medical Insurance

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Non-resident foreign workers are entitled to basic medical insurance provided by their employer. While they are not eligible for national health insurance ….

Foreign Workers Medical Insurance In Israel HAKEREN

Who Needs Medical Insurance?
The medical insurance is designed for foreign workers employed by Israeli employers in the country. The plan offers medical services like those entitled to any Israeli citizen. It aligns with the directives for medical insurance for foreign workers, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Non-Resident Foreign Workers Are Entitled To Basic Medical Insurance Provided By Their Employer. While They Are Not Eligible For National Health Insurance According To State Health Laws, Their Employer Is Obligated To Purchase Medical Insurance On Their Behalf. Therefore, If You Are An Employer Of A Foreign Worker, You Must Ensure That The Employee Is Covered By Health Insurance. Under The Foreign Workers' Insurance, Insured Individuals Receive Medical Services Similar To Israeli Citizens. Health Insurance For Foreign Workers Is Available Through General Health Service Branches Throughout The Country, With The Issuance Of A Unique Magnetic Card. Insured Individuals Can Access A Wide Range Of Medical Services, Including Clinics And Pharmacies, All Under One Comprehensive Medical Coverage.

What Does the Plan Include – Coverage Details Our medical insurance for foreign workers encompasses a range of medical services provided through general health service branches nationwide, including:

·      General and specialist doctor consultations

·      Hospitalization, including a designated ward

·      Laboratory tests and imaging examinations

·      Prescription medications and pharmacy services

·      Employee's incapacity to work due to illness, a return flight to their home country

·      Basic dental first aid treatments

·      Repatriation of the deceased to their home country

All subject to policy terms and conditions.**

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    Foreign Workers Medical Insurance In Israel HAKEREN
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